Monday, July 28, 2014

Dying for it

I emailed Shoni and asked him for his head size, and I decided the hat I made for Shoni was too big, and that I am going to make him one to fit. The problem is that he wanted "nonscratchy" wool, so that rules out some of my favourites from the stash, and I've been knitting Romi's oddments and basically I have no yarn in a suitable colour. Now, I know I could have gone past Morris and Son's  and picked up some yarn, but I am still trying to knit from stash. I I did have 90 grammes of the Pear Tree supersoft merino from two Bendigos ago. Actually, now I think about it, that's the same yarn I made his sister Elise mitts out of recently.

 So, I skeined up all the little balls I had, spit splicing them into one skein of yarn and put it in the dye pot, aiming to make it a nice dark green. I threw in some green, and a little bit of black, and some navy for good measure. I am many things when I dye, but scientific is not one of them!

I was rather surprised and happy with the colour I got, although I will admit the the water was not running entirely clear, so i guess I will have to rinse, rinse, rinse the hat when it's knit up. Still, it's a good biy colour, its soft and its from stash. Triple win!

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