Friday, July 25, 2014

For science

I've been knitting away on the body of Cria, knit up the row, purl back. Enjoying the yarn, enjoying the needles. Everytime I get to a knit row I think "this will whip by". Every time I get to a purl row I think "ugg, these take forever". So I though I would conduct an experiement. I sat down, in my rocking chair with my knitting and knit four rows. I started with a purl row, so the odd numbers are purl and the evens are knit: 

What this tells me is that the purl rows are actually slower, I'm not just imagining it. Also, I know that I have 35 more stocking stitch rows, followed by 14 rows garter stitch, so the body of this cardigan should take me under three and a half hours, which is really just one good evening in front of the tour de france. It probably would have been better if I hadn't worked that out.

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