Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Socks for me!

I hadn't made myself a pair of proper socks since October last year, so I was quite excited to make some for myself.. As you know, I started with a bit of a fail sock, so I'm pleased to report that Brenda Dayne's Tintern Abbey are officially a success, although the wisdom of knitting lace in a camouflage pattern is questionable :

I substituted the Fish Lips Kiss heel for the one in the pattern. I really love this heel and will probably use it again. I still hate knitting toe up though. When I was finished and cast off the top edge had a sort of ruffle to it, which you don't get when knitting top down - and I hadn't used JSSBO, which I know can cause that.

Anyway, an enjoyable knit, the yarn pooled exactly as I hoped it would and I have my new socks on my feet right now, keeping my toes warm on this cold, rainy day.

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