Thursday, July 17, 2014

Pre Bendigo 2014

The Australian Sheep and Wool show, or Bendigo, as we call it is nearly upon us! This year, for the first time, I am staying up there. I'm excited about the weekend, although buying yarn is the least of it.  There are also candles and ugg boots and fudge and buttons and  who know what else. I am, or course planning to buy some yarn, especially as there is now significant room in the stash box. And the most important thing I can do before I go is check my stash mileage: 23065 which I must say i am quite happy with, since it's a reduction of over 3000 meters since I last checked, 2 months ago. Still I expect the reduction will be more than made up for over this weekend: I've ordered 300 grammes of sock weight for a jumper for me, and I'm hoping to buy another 300 for a pair of fancy cabled knee high socks. I also want some Bennett and Gregor to make a vest for Leon and a jumper for me. Other than that, everything is possible and nothing is certain. 

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