Saturday, July 19, 2014

Bendigo Wrap up, 2014

Staying in Bendigo this year was so much fun. It meant that, as well as all the usual Bendigo sheep activities I got to hang out with knitting friends, and run on the Bendigo Creek path (so pretty, I really should have thought to take photos. It also meant I spent the Friday doing some shopping , and the Saturday I was free to look and, and play with, all the sheep:

and Angora goats, using their horns to scratch each others heads!

I was (I think), very restrained in my yarn buying. I bought 500 grams of Bennett and Gregor, which I am going to make a vest for Leon and a jumper for me, by striping it and pairing it with some leftovers from last years show

I bought 300 grams of Dyed by Hand sock yarn. In sOctober I'm going to knit Cookie A's epic knee high Rhiannon socks

And I also bought one skein of Stranded in Oz sock yarn, because:


But my favourite thing that I bought might be these knee high ugg boots. So warm. So wonderfully sheepy.

All in all a very satisfying Bendigo show.I will work out how much this ads to my stash, but right now I'm feeling lazy and am going to go curl up on the couch instead. But I'll leave you with some bonus pictures of SHEEP:

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