Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Yarn-along; the one where most things are finished

Its Wednesday again, and as usual I'm doing Yarnalong with Ginny. Pop over to her blog to see what she, and the other Yarnalongers are knitting and reading this week.

This week I WAS reading Twice Apon a Time, by Kate Forster. It's not Great Literature oranything, but it was a really fun, silly, easy to read romance, and sometimes a happy ending is the best thing ever. And that's not a spoiler, it's the kind of book that the happy ending is never in question, it's just how you are going to get there there that's the voyage. Anyway, I finished it tonight. and am again not quite sure what I am going to read next.

Tonight I also finished knitting my latest bathmat. Once I've sewn in the ends and given it a bath I'll blog about it properly, but I think I'm really happy with it. The colours are prettier than in the picture above.

Not surprisingly, I'm still listening to War and Remembrance, the sequel to the Winds of War. I' still enjoying it, and expect to continue to do so for another 6 weeks or so. 

And that's me for another week of knitting, reading and listening. I hope you are enjoying your books and crafting as much as I am mine. 

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