Monday, September 30, 2013

Making space for spinning

After I finished spinning the exploding clown yarn I started thinking about my next spinning project, going through my stash and looking at my tools. On thing I realised is that I had two bobbins with a reasonable quantity of singles, one left over from some yarn I spun in June 2011  and some of Melanie’s amazing fibre, where I had filled half a bobbin  and then sort of just stopped.
I decided to ply them together, just to get them off the bobbins and to see how they look. I really like the pretty baberpole effect, and, with 399 meters, there should be enough for a small shawl. Although I'm not sure what shawl would look good in yarn this multicoloured. Any suggestions welcomed.
I was surprised how long it took me to complete the plying, I thought it would take a weekend, and in the end it took nearly a month. Sill, I discovered the Lizzie Bennet Diaries  just as I started this, and spent many a happy hour watching it and plying away.


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