Thursday, October 10, 2013

Planning ahead… far ahead

I have a moratorium on buying yarn, until I reduce my stash to 10,000 meters, or I have nothing left but sock yarn and laceweight, whichever comes first. I can tell you for sure that won’t happen before winter, and Leon is going to need a winter set. I went through my long neglected fibre stash and discovered that, while I don’t have enough of any one thing to make the yarn, I have three lots 200 grams each that I think go together very nicely.

From left to right: 200 grams of possum/merino from Bendigo 2012, 200 grams of polworth/silk blend from Tarndwarncoort bought at Bendigo this year and some fairly random remnants. I’m going to three ply it and hopefully it will make a nice, round, slightly tweedy yarn. Even if it doesn't work out as planned, I'm not buying yarn. I guess that's a big incentive to spin well.

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