Friday, October 25, 2013


I've got finished items to show you, and work in progress going both nicely and interestingly, but that's not what I feel like writing about write now. Tonight I want to tell you what I'm not doing tonight.
 Tonight I'm not knitting
With the whole drama about my arms, someone (namely Katie) mentioned that her osteo suggested she has a day off a week from knitting. I understand the logic of having a day off from something that you generally do far too much of. I have (at least) one alcohol free day a week. But actually finding the day that it would work for - on Monday's I go to Richmond Knitters, on Tuesdays I need to relax... there's always a reason I "have" to knit. Today I left the house without taking knitting, planning to go to work, CrossFit, home and then dinner at my parents. They asked me to go early, because my brother and his family, including young children, where coming. So I went over there without knitting, spinning or anything. Now its nine o'clock at night, and this seems like a perfect day to not knit. I'll tell you though, the main reason I'm emotionally stable about taking today off knitting is that I think I'll have LOADs of time to knit over the next three days, and I want to go into it with fresh arms, and ready hands.

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