Friday, October 11, 2013

With a whimper, not a bang.

Socktober is normally a month I plan and prepare for and love, but this year it rather snuck up on me. I was so unaware of the time of the year that I cast on a pair of socks on the 30th of September and did not even think of them as Socktober socks! But here they are, finished and done:
They are Twisted from Knitty  and I'm pretty happy with the yarn / pattern combination. The pattern itself was written in quite a convoluted manner, and I would only recommend it to experienced sock knitters. The purl three, knit one rib was not annoying to knit, to my surprise, but there was something slightly unsatisfying about knitting these. I can't quite define what it is, it might just be me being slightly malcontented right now. 
Leon loves them, because he really likes the way ribbing clings to his legs. I started them  at a friends place while "watching" the Grand Final in the dark, and at the time I wondered whether I was meant to slip the stitch purlwise or knitwise. Since I couldn't find any guidance on the matter, I slipped it purlwise. After knitting most of the first leg, I found in the notes that it was to be slipped knitwise. I did not rip it, but I knit the second one as per the pattern, which does make the stitches sit a little flatter. I'm still glad I didn't rip though. Can you spot which is which?

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