Saturday, October 5, 2013

Well that's odd, but somewhat magic

I was knitting away on my Twist sock for Leon, relatively happily, on my beloved Signature double pointed needles. With slipped stitches at the beginning of every needle, I did  notice I was dropping a fair number of stitches. I thought, maybe it was because I cast on in the dark - on grand final day we were at a friends place, who only has a projector television. Not knitter friendly. Anyway, I kept knitting, and kept picking up the odd dropped stitch, always at the start of a needle. And then, I knit the leg off the DPNs and onto a long circular, so Leon could try it on. And he did, and then I kept knitting, magic looping happily along. This is like a complete personality switch. I've always hated magic looping because of the pull, pull, pulling I had to do, but certainly for this sock it seems the smoothest and most enjoyable thing to do. I guess some things really do change.


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