Monday, October 14, 2013

Signature love

I've been knitting the latest Travelling with Miss Babs project, a long thin scarf that I can imagine wearing with summer dresses, and to work with sleeveless shift dresses. The pattern calls for 3.25 mm needles, and as there are only 21 stitches involved I got out my little straight signature needles, the ones I bought for the sock yarn blanket that I so rarely work on.

I love knitting this. The yarn (Miss Babs Tarte) is lovely - a little splitty, but the Signatures are so sharp it doesn't matter. I haven't beaded for nearly a year and I'm enjoying the effect, as well as the process. I do keep on having to remind myself that it will look so much better after blocking, becasue it is a little bunchy and looks, well like unblocked lace. For me the only downside of this project is that it SO addictive, and I'm still (officially, at any rate) meant to me somewhat limiting my knitting time. But this is far too much fun to be sensible about. 

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