Saturday, October 19, 2013

A visit to a yarn shop

It's my nieces fifth birthday this weekend, and I was trying to work out what to get her. I thought maybe a French Knitter / Knitting Nancy. I rang my local wool shop (which is Wool Baa, and is directly between my work and my house) a call, and they thought that five years old was too young, but that a pompom maker would be right for that age. So I went and bought one, fondled some cashmere, and left with just the pom pom maker.

I dug up some bits and pieces from my stash, so she will have something to use with it. My sister in law is many good things, but one thing she is not is crafty. Hopefully, even if not many pompoms get made, it will get my niece used to the idea that yarn is a thing that you have around, and that's its pretty and you can use for many things. I grew up in  a house with yarn, and everywhere I've lived since - including the six months I lived in a hostel, and the summer I lived on a boat, there has been at least a couple of balls of yarn.

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